Friday, 28 October 2011

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What I think about Germans and Austrians:

                           First of all if Franz Ferdinand (An Austrian) would take over Bosnia from Serbia the black hand gang wouldn't be forced to the terrorist attack and there would not be the WWI. And then if not Hitler(Also an Austrian) wouldn't exist there would not be WWII. Austrians and Germans were always the world problem.
                          Germans always wanted Slavic countries to be argued with each other because they knew that together we can be super strong.
                           Germany actually persuaded Croatia and Slovenia to become independent.That aided to the Yugoslavian conflicts.Then Macedonia and Bosnia+Herzegovina took example of them and it aided to the Bosnian War.Because of Germany Yugoslavia collapsed.
                             Same with Czechoslovakia.They persuaded Slovaks to become free of Czechs.
When they will want to invade Europe again they will take country after country much quicker.I'm sure they also want Silesia to be independent. Why they don't want Lusatia to besome independent or Bavaria ?Because it will of course be worse for them. They are so selfish.
                    At the history they were telling Russia to be destroying Poland together with them etc. And they surely persuaded Croatia to be on their side because again they wanted to seperate Slavs.And loads of other things.

If they would never exist the world would be much, much, much more beautiful.